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Welcome to Kraff Eye Institue

The Kraff Eye Institute is committed to bringing you the freedom, comfort, and confidence that Laser Vision Correction surgery can offer.

When it comes to something as important as your eyes, the Kraff Eye Institute knows that experience and safety are what every Chicago LASIK patient looks for. The doctors at Kraff Eye Institute have performed tens of thousands of Laser Vision Correction procedures with the highest levels of precision, safety, and patient satisfaction. We utilize only the latest and most sophisticated instruments and techniques at Kraff Eye Institute for the best results possible.

At the Kraff Eye Institute, we understand that each individual case is unique, and our personalized approach ensures that every Chicago LASIK patient's comfort and progress is regulated with care. The Kraff Eye Institute is committed to your Laser Vision Correction procedure from start to finish.

We offer a no-cost consultation appointment to determine if you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction surgery, and our Chicago LASIK professionals give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered before you make this very personal and important decision.

"When I'm dealing with something as precious as my vision, I don't look for the best deal. I want to go to someone who has the best results and uses the best equipment."

Dr. Colman Kraff of Kraff Eye Institute

If you would like more information or would like to schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation, please fill out the form on the right or call (312) 265-3400.

Am I A Candidate?

The easiest way to know if you are a candidate is to schedule a no-cost consultation. However, there are some general guidelines which can help you decide if you are a candidate.

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Multiple Locations

The Kraff Eye Institute has two offices to serve you better. Visit our offices at Harlem and Belmont or 25 East Washington for your free LASIK consultations.

More Questions?

Why do people choose to have LASIK surgery with Kraff Eye?

The Kraff Eye Institute is committed to exceeding all of your expectations as it relates to your laser vision correction. Our experienced surgeons are committed to your eye health and offer the most progressive technology in refractive surgery.
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Do you offer financing?

Kraff Eye has researched the available options and is proud to announce a partnership with CareCredit. CareCredit allows you to have your laser vision correction now and pay for it at your convenience with low monthly payments.
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